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MoveOn Terms & Conditions


MoveOn is cross-border shipping and shopping platform where MoveOn is partially dependent on the services provided by the shopping and shipping agents, 3rd party shopping sites, and shipping partners. Any and all actions are dependent on the policies made by the mentioned parties. We recommend reading the agent’s side of the Terms and Conditions before taking our services.


  1. Before You Order

1.1 MoveOn will purchase products (in the instance you select Buy & Ship for me) for you from selected third-party platforms, but MoveOn will not take responsibility for the risks that come with the products.

1.2 MoveOn will not be held responsible for the quality of the products.

1.3 There are a variety of items not allowed into Bangladesh when sent by courier. Please be sure not to order or take shipments of items prohibited by the IATA. MoveOn will not be responsible for any customs clearance-related issues if prohibited items are seized. 

1.4 MoveOn must receive full payment of the product’s purchase value in advance in order to complete the purchase.

1.5 If any issue is faced in China or Bangladesh customs because of the products purchased or shipped by the customer, the customer will be liable and take responsibility for any and all financial or operational damages. If the customs department imposes any financial penalty, the customer will take full responsibility for it.

1.6 If the shipment is delayed due to customs issues, pandemic restrictions, or any other unpredictable reason in any shipping country (such as China/USA) then you have to wait until the issue is solved. Even if the shipment process crosses the given delivery timeline the refund will be on hold until the issue solves.

1.7 If the Product is weighted below 5 kg then it will be shipped in a mixed cartoon. Hence an additional 50 to 100 grams will be added to the weight of the product


  1. Purchase Process

2.1 Before making any purchase through MoveOn, we encourage you to read through ‘’The buying agent process’’ to understand clearly the timeline and steps that will be followed.

2.2 All Products or services listed on the website are subject to change, such as product information, pricing, and availability. Third-party shopping sites reserve the right, at any time, to modify, suspend, or discontinue any website feature or the sale of any product with or without notice. If any shopping sites make changes that change may not reflect on our websites immediately, but, before making any permanent payments, you will be notified of the changes.

2.3 MoveOn shall have the right, prior to the acceptance of your order to decline or cancel any such orders, whether or not the order has been confirmed and/or you already paid, we will issue a refund according to the payment using our set refund methods.

2.4 Product prices shown on the website are not the final cost of the products. Domestics and International freight charges will be applied after you have made payment of the product’s purchase price.

2.5 As products are purchased by buying agents, it can take up to 48 hours to complete the purchase of the product after order confirmation.


  1. Shipment Process

  3.1 Products are received in MoveOn’s designated warehouses after the supplier delivers them. Suppliers can take up to 7 days to deliver a particular product.

  3.2 Received items will be updated on the MoveOn customer’s panel and the status of the order will be updated accordingly.

  3.3 Weight of the received product will be updated and a weight charge invoice will be generated.

3.4 It can take 7 to 15 days for the products to reach their destination country after the date of delivery in the warehouse.

3.5 MoveOn will not be responsible for the break of the timeline if Bangladesh customs imposes new law and it causes the consignment to be delayed.

3.6 International shipment time is subject to change at any time. 


  1. Tracking

4.1 MoveOn will share the tracking information provided by the domestic suppliers with its customers

4.2 Customers will be able to track the movement of their products using domestic tracking up until it’s delivered to the MoveOn warehouse

4.3 After products are delivered to the MoveOn warehouse customers will receive continuous updates regarding the process.


  1. Product Receive Time

5.1 MoveOn will take shipping responsibility from the time products are delivered to the warehouse.

5.2 MoveOn works with various shipping agents and partners. Delivery time will vary depending on the agents assigned.

5.3 As mentioned in 3.4 products can take up to 15 days to reach their destination country. MoveOn usually delivers items in 25 days on average from the time of product purchase.

5.4 If in any rare circumstances, product release is put on hold by Bangladesh customs, then receive time can be delayed up to 45 days.


  1. Tax-related Discussion

6.1 MoveOn is based on the weight charge model

6.2 Product shipping and customs charges/tax are included in the weight charge which is mentioned at the time of order placement

6.3 Weight charge depends on the category of products and can vary depending on the quantity or quality of products

6.4 There are a few exceptions (i.e. laptops, smartphones, digital cameras, small devices, tabs) where shipping and customs charges are imposed on a quantity basis (per piece)

6.5 Weight charges are an accumulation of various costs related to shipping and customs processes. In between the time of order and delivery, if any cost crosses the estimation of MoveOn, the weight charge can be increased.


  1. Product Delivery

7.1 As products ordered are handled by MoveOn, products will be received by MoveOn in Bangladesh and will be processed in the MoveOn Bangladesh warehouse.

7.2 It can take up to 72 hours to process the products in the MoveOn Bangladesh warehouse after the products are released by Bangladesh customs, before which the products can not be handed over to the customers.

7.3 Customers can request delivery after they have made payment of their weight charges. Products will not be delivered in any circumstances if the bill is due.

7.4 MoveOn uses third-party logistics services based in Bangladesh to deliver the products to its customers. Products will be delivered to the customer’s choice of logistics service providers listed on the MoveOn website.


  1. Refund Related

8.1 Payment gateway charges taken by third-party payment services or stores are not refundable. 

8.2 In case of a refund, the amount refunded by the shopping site will be refunded. MoveOn will not be responsible for any shortcomings in the shopping site’s refund. The shopping site’s refund policy will be followed. 

8.3 Refund amount will be credited to the MoveOn wallet. Customers can give withdrawal requests from the wallet.

8.4 Refund requests for product mismatch, color mismatch, quantity mismatch, or quality mismatch will be eligible for the purchase amount refunded given by the main seller only. In these cases, the shipping cost is non-refundable.


  1. Support Policy

9.1 Every customer of MoveOn will be provided a dedicated account manager, who will provide you continuous support on a personal level via phone calls, messages, or email.

9.2 MoveOn general customer support is provided by official Facebook and hotline numbers only.

MoveOn authority reserves the full right to change or modify these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. If any changes are made, the revised terms and conditions will be posted here on this website. So, we suggest customers check the latest information and updates posted here to inform you of any.